Homeopathy – gentle healthy help for many everyday complaints

Many often wonder whether keeping the small globules what they promise . It is so much power in them, which is worth that they re-discovered for themselves.

The one you will not want to miss, others reject them strictly as nonsense from . The small white spheres, tablets or drops is still based today their production process to instructions of the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, are the main components of a homeopathic therapy.

The basic idea of Hahnemann and thus the principle of homoeopathic modes of action is that ” like with like ” to be treated. In about one can imagine it so that an agent is added, which causes the same symptoms in healthy people, such as those that plague those affected at this time.

It is assumed here that while this initially may worsen the symptoms, but mobilizes the self-healing and strengthens the long term. The various matrices in the globules example, previously ground in a certain ratio with cane sugar, so that only a low dosage remains. This is called the exponentiation. In acute diseases in the field of self-medicating potencies ranging from D4 to D10 are used . All other belong in the hands of an experienced therapist.